Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ode to My Husband

My husband is a wonderful man.  I'm sure I don't tell him often enough.  I know that I don't show it often enough.  But I adore him.  And for so many reasons.  There are a few of his more endearing qualities that do stand out...

1.  He is a wonderful father.  He adores, and I mean ADORES, our daughter Lucy.  In fact, he wanted to have a child way more than I did (too bad he didn't have the joy of pregnancy).  And it is one subject about which I will say to him "you were right".

I think that even in today's age that there is a lingering opinion (not usually stated, but it's there) about parenthood that the primary responsibility should fall to the mother.  My observation is that it is typically 51% mom, 49% dad.  This is not the case in our household.  It is truly 50/50.

I travel quit a bit for my job, and as such, my husband is often the primary and only caretaker for Lucy several times a week.  Never once has he made me feel guilty.  Never once has he made me feel that I am not carrying my share of the parenting load.  And despite the jokes that I make about it, he has never once handed me a screaming toddler the minute I walk into the house from a trip. 

So if you see a tall skinny dude running through our neighborhood pushing a jogging stroller and holding onto two dogs, he belongs to me. 

2.  He is always in a good mood.  Well, maybe not always, but probably 98% of the time.  I, on the other hand, am a pretty reserved, sarcastic, skeptical observer of life.  I think that most people suck until they can prove themselves otherwise.   I'm just being honest here. Now once I get to know you, I will throw myself in front of a bus for you.  And I will open myself up and tell you anything you want to know.  Probably more than you want to know.

My husband, on the other hand, will carry on a conversation with a door knob.  He knows the life story of every waiter we have ever had.  He knows the name of everyone in our neighborhood...and their kids...and their dogs.  He has no fear of putting himself out there.  It is a trait that I greatly admire in him.

And when life is not going so well, he almost always has a positive spin on the situation.  In fact, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I have seen him truly angry or upset.  It just doesn't happen.   Being a redhead, I have a superquick trigger; my head spins off my shoulders at least once a day.  At least. Mark simmers and simmers until something finally sets him off.  Even the dogs run and hide when that happens.  Which again, it so rarely does.

I think that the consistent pleasantness must be a Midwestern thing (he's from Michigan) b/c we southerners aren't nearly as nice.  "Bless Your Heart" is NOT a compassionate statement.  It means "oh you poor/dumb/unlucky fool".  You southerners out there know I am right.

3.  He thinks I am the shit.  I like being put on a pedestal.  The view is great.  Now ironically, it's when I look like shit that my husband is the most complimentary of my appearance.  I know that I spend too much money on clothes, hair, nails, etc., but that's for the gratification of my own insecure ego.   My husband would prefer me with short hair (I look stupid), wearing a polo shirt (I look even more stupid), and sporting some no-brand tennis shoes (meant only in my opinion for either working out or being a tourist). 

He does 100% support my addiction to exercise.  He will watch Lucy on the weekends so that I can take yoga and teach my spinning class.  And why, you ask?  Because he is an ass man (thank God he is not a boob man b/c I would wear a negative size A if there were such a thing).  So I have to make sure the cheeks are perky. 

I consider myself lucky to have found such an incredible guy, especially because I met him in my
mid-30s (sorry ladies, you know it's not easy to meet men when there are younger 20ish models out there)  and after a divorce.  But he took a chance on a fiesty, belly button ring sporting (don't have it anymore though I dearly miss it) hurricane of a woman with a foul mouth and a bad attitude. What WAS he thinking?  Only he knows :)

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