Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why Hair Bands Still RULE

As many of you know, I am a child of the 80s.  As such, I was (and still am) a huge fan of hair bands.  My apologies to the students in my spin class who are continuously bombarded by the music of Poison, Skid Row, and Motley Crue.  It's not gonna change.  It's what gets me pumped up at 9 a.m. on a Sunday morning.
Now my husband, on the other hand, has a very different set of tastes.  He is into Electronic music (you know, the kind that goes on, and on, and on, and on...and then a new song starts...but  not really) and something he calls "Euro Trance".  I am just stating the facts and will not judge, but I will say that it's not something you will EVER hear out of my car stereo speakers.   Ever.

So occasionally (and usually in jest) he and I have a 'discussion' about the type of music that is appropriate for our two year old daughter to hear.  He plays Mozart and something called Above and Beyond; I play Metallica and Megadeth.  His argument that my type of music is harmful and will 'make her stupid' is ridiculous, and here is why:

1.  Talent.  Argue with me if you will, but, no one can deny that Tommy Lee is an amazing musician.  Forget the piercings and tattoos (I dig it, but it's not for everyone) - that guy can play the hell out some drums.  Most hair band members are great guitar and bass players; some even play the piano (think Motley Crue "Home Sweet Home").  On the other hand, today's music is most often generated by a computer.  Now I will concede that it does require talent to be able to formulate this type of music; however, it does not take the place of raw, God-given, inherent musical abilities.  The guys I am talking about have REAL talent, and how they look on the surface is frankly irrelevant.  They can play, and they can sing.  Well, most of them can.

2.  Nostalgia.  Okay, who doesn't get a little misty-eyed when they think about dancing with their junior high sweetheart to "Never Say Goodbye"? (If you don't know who sings this song, please stop reading b/c you are too young to appreciate my musings).  I hear at least one "yes!" every time I play "You Give Love a Bad Name" in one of my spin classes.  It really can take you back to some memorable (and often) good times in life.  Sometimes hearing just one good hair band song can really make my day.  Seriously.

3.  Setting an Example - both good and bad.  So, believe it or not, Brett Michaels had another life before "Rock of Love" (thanks LA for the quote).  In fact, hair band members make most excellent reality show hosts and guests.  I tuned in every week to watch the antics of an aging Vince Neil (again, if you don't know who this is, stop reading) on MTV's Celebrity Real World.  Most of these guys look ridiculous now as they try to relive their youthful days of unlimited booze, drugs, and easy women.  At the same time, they are an example of how that kind of lifestyle can really catch up with you in the end.  I mean, who wouldn't agree with me that Ozzy is a walking billboard for why you should never do drugs?  Seeing David Lee Roth with fried, bleach blonde hair and a really bad face lift is quite sad to me.  But again, it shows the youth of today that while living in the now is not a bad thing, they should still think of the future repercussions of their actions.  Now Jon Bon Jovi on the other hand with his short, mussed up hair and tight jeans, AWESOME - so it can go the other way as some of these rock icons get better with age.   

So don't be hating on those of us who proudly blast Hair Nation from our XM radios and are in the process of teaching our daughters the words to "Talk Dirty to Me".  She will thank me for it, guaranteed.

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